Tuesday October 29, 2013 #571


“There may be no better discernment in life to master than learning to apply the rule of “more is better” to the situations that merit it, and “less is more” to those that need it.”


~Wendy Strgar

over consumption


I do believe that joy and happiness arise from knowing how much “enough” is.  We rush through life chasing after more money, more things, more status, more consumption – never realizing that our fears and feelings of scarcity blind us to knowing when we have enough.  And in this rush to consume and accumulate, we too often neglect those things that we can never have enough of:  love, hugs, kindness, gratitude, and opportunities to give of ourselves. 


It is time you look at life through a lens of abundance, rather than scarcity, to allow you to realize you may actually have more than enough monetary and possession based wealth.  Giving you space for more of those intangibles that truly bring joy and happiness.  Today, give a little more, love a little more – consume a little less, accumulate a little less.  You, and those who love you, will be better for it.