Tuesday January 17, 2017 #859

“One of the main reasons people feel dissatisfaction with their life is because they’re missing it. When we’re not present, we become a little numb.”

~Meghan Camp


It is a little frightening when you add up all the time spent in social media, watching mind-numbing TV, and even doing “work” but the mindless, check-the-box without real thinking work….    How much time are we actually present in what we are doing?  Noticing the people and activities around us?  Psychologists have shown that much of our dissatisfaction with life and even depression comes from too little real engagement with the world and people around us.  The good news is that much of this is in our control.  But it takes conscious and intentional action to stay present, aware and engaged.  Turn off the mobile phone as you walk to your next meeting and actually notice the people you encounter.  Say hello.  Ask about their families, their work; ask if they need any help.  You will be amazed how this one action opens you up to the possibility of all that is around you but which you rarely notice.  This is just the start of a more engaged, present existence.  It can make all the difference in building a satisfying life.