Thursday November 2, 2017 #920

“Success has always been easy to measure. It is the distance between one’s origins and one’s final achievement.”

~Michael Korda


Measuring yourself and your success against others is folly.  Your perception is always wrong as you can never truly understand another person’s reality.  Either you are overestimating your own worth and achievements or underestimating them.  Don’t bother comparing.  Focus only on a clear picture of where your own reality began, and on all the progress you’ve made in your personal journey.  Certainly use others’ journeys as inspirations and examples of what is possible, as well as paths you want to avoid.  But never compare yourself to them.
With a realistic reflection on your own path and armed with the knowledge of others’ journeys gleaned from a curiosity and desire for excellence, chart your own course forward.  Allow yourself self-recognition for your progress, avoid chastising yourself for failure or a slower than desired pace, and repeatedly take action to move forward.
You have successfully come this far in your journey.  Now, move forward to your next successful achievement: measured by the distance from now to then.