Thursday, January 17, 2008  Issue #2

Today you are going to take massive action toward one of your personal or professional goals.

It could be as simple as a phone call or email to your boss, to schedule a meeting to discuss your career ambitions, or to ask to be part of the project group for an important company initiative. 

It might happen at home this evening after dinner, when you go into your den and write the first page of that novel you want to write. 

Or you might spend 20 minutes practicing your guitar to begin your quest to be ready to play at the local coffee house “open mike night”. 

Maybe it is reading the first chapter of that book to learn that skill you need to move up at work.

I called it “massive action”.  None of the examples seem that massive, do they?  It’s massive action because that first step is often the biggest hurdle to achievement.  If you haven’t set any goals for yourself yet this year, the first massive action may be to set some goals.

Think about one personal or professional goal that you know if achieved would make a real difference in one of the key areas of your life – health, wealth, wisdom, or happiness.  Then, think about what the first step might be towards achieving that goal.  Finally, open your calendar and decide what time today, but no later than tomorrow that you will take that first step. 

Don’t read that next email – take 10 minutes to either determine that first step, or even better, take that first step!