Tuesday July 1, 2008 #49

 “Do everything with so much love in your heart that you would never want to do it any other way.”

 ~Yogi Desai

This submission by Southern California JAMmer, JF, provides a wonderful introduction to my series of JAMs on Beauty, Passion & Love.

“Scratch the surface of every good thing in the world, and you’ll find love.
Generosity: Love of giving freely
Listening: Love of tuning in
Keeping promises: Love of following through
Forgiveness: Love of self
Peace: Love beyond self
Understanding: The love underneath it all
Curiosity: Love of knowledge
Justice: Love for fellow human beings”
~Addie Johnson in Life is Sweet

The point, fellow JAMmers, is that love is everywhere when we just open our minds to it.  And my business and leadership philosophy states that to be effective, we must love what we are doing and who we do it with.  Work without passion is empty and meaningless. Leadership without love is cold and calculating.  It’s time to find your passion.  And passion starts with love.