Tuesday June 25, 2013 #535


“Attention is what steers your perception, controls your reality. It’s the gateway of the mind.”

~Apollo Robbins

 People go through their days – busy, doing things, talking to people, attending meetings, staring at their iPhones and tablets, laughing, crying, … living.  But with what intention?  I believe the key to progress, achievement, strong relationships, health, and ultimately our happiness is determined by what we choose to pay attention to.  If we focus on that which is in alignment with who and what we want to become, we will move toward those people and experiences.  If we focus on that which pulls us down, away from what we want to become, is it any wonder we don’t progress?

Each day, give yourself the space to reflect on what and who you are attending to and ensure you intentionally focus on who and what nourishes you.  It is your choice.  And you have the power to choose.