Thursday March 29, 2018 #956

“All life is either moving forward and evolving or shrinking back and dying. If you want to evolve in your own life, you have to push through the obstacles instead of running from them. Obstacles and challenges are the agents of growth. Nobody gets to be large and in charge without facing challenges and moving through them. Birth is messy, painful, scary, uncertain, and freaky. Birth is also a glorious miracle that leads to new life. If you want the new life you say you want, you have to do the work instead of just studying and discussing and wishing and wanting.”

~Jen Sincero


This lengthy and beautiful quote articulates well the need in all of us to make no excuses, allow no obstacle to get in our way, and get on with the hard but exciting and meaningful work of truly living this life. It is only though consistent and challenging effort that we will start to achieve our potential, create value in our life and the lives of others, and experience the joy of the journey. You’re not alone! Seek out others who will be your partners in living. But the decision does start with you. Decide to live. Act now.