Thursday January 21, 2016 #788

“You don’t learn from successes; you don’t learn from awards…you only learn from wounds and scars and mistakes and failures. And that’s the truth.”

~Jane Fonda


We all strive for success and recognition and we must do so to have the energy and perseverance necessary to overcome the challenges we all face in pursuit of these goals.  However, if we reflect on our past successes it is rare that we truly learn anything of value from success other than the joy in the moment and our desire to feel that way again and again.  The real learning only occurs during the mistakes and failures we experience along the way.  The point is that rather than being devastated or depressed from failure, we must learn to embrace failure as the learning opportunity it is.  All our great moves forward stem from reflecting upon failure, learning from failure, and the adjustments we make before pushing forward once again.  So take risks, pushing beyond your current knowledge and capabilities knowing that the worst thing that can happen is a learning event!