Tuesday June 12, 2018 #975

“One man with conviction will overwhelm a hundred who have only opinions.”

~Winston Churchill


One of the most important elements of an effective leader is the ability to commit to a course of action, and champion that decision with conviction. I watch many leaders with good intentions hesitate, afraid to make a decision, particularly when there are many competing opinions on the direction to take.
While it is important for you as a leader to take the time to listen and be open to dissenting opinions, at some point you must make the call. The speed at which the decision must be made depends of course on the circumstances. If one of your team members is capable and accountable, let them decide and then support them. But if it is a decision that is yours to make, gather the opinions of your team and then decide quickly and with conviction.
Your team needs you to be clear with the objectives this decision will support, open to listening to alternative potential solutions, and then decisive and firm in the direction you decide.