Tuesday February 26, 2008 #13  

“You’re alive.  Do something.  The directive in life, the moral imperative was so uncomplicated.  It could be expressed in single words, not complete sentences.  It sounded like this:  Look.  Listen.  Choose.  Act.”  ~ Barbara Hall 

Let’s continue to discover how to overcome that which blocks us from making progress on our goals.

Block #3:  Lack of persistence.

Even when we have constructed clear goals that are in alignment with our values and we create time for them by cutting back on activities that do not contribute to our success, we still fail.  Why?

There are always elements around us conspiring to hold us back:  self-doubts, interruptions, “other people’s priorities”, and more.  The only way to keep moving forward is to adopt persistence as a core competency.  Like any other skill, the way to develop persistence is through practice.

You know you need to move forward today on your goals but something is trying to block your progress.  Practice your persistence.  Look. Listen. Choose. Act.  Push through.  The first time is monumental, but each subsequent act of persistence becomes easier and easier.

 “Persistent thought is your ticket. Persistent gratitude makes it easy. And persistent action, tells one and all, “There ain’t no way, honey, I’m settling for less.”  ~ Mike Dooley