Tuesday March 25, 2008 #21

“Map out your future, but do it in pencil.”

~ Jon Bon Jovi

I hope you’re enjoying this series of action ideas to help you “get up and get on with it”. 

Remember:  Learning to take action is critical to your long term success and happiness.  You are someone with incredible talents who will change your and others’ lives in so many incredible ways if you just get up and get on with it!  Here is the second of 8 action ideas to enable you to do just that.

Action idea #2:  List it all out

This sounds too simple, but it is surprising how well it works.  Get out a piece of paper, or open a Word document on your PC and make a list of everything, and I mean everything you want to do.  Little things, big things, important things, trivial things.  Walk the dog, become eligible for that promotion, increase savings by $50,000, visit parents, etc., etc.  Do it free form – no rules, no categories.  Just write or type until you’ve purged everything you want to do from your mind and heart.  You might fill a page, or you might fill 20 pages.

Just the act of making this list will often galvanize you to take action on many of the items right away.  Keep the list with you for 30 days, read it every morning before you start your day and again before you go to sleep.  Cross off items when you do them.  At the end of the 30 days you will be pleased with all you’ve accomplished.  It will be up to you whether to update the list again at that point.

Bon Jovi also said, “Like a No. 2 pencil I always got a point.”