Thursday November 7, 2013 #574


“Whenever you want to do something extraordinary, risky, or scary, it’s essential to surround yourself with inspiring, encouraging, like-minded people.” 


~Dr. Susan Biali



I met Dr. Biali in 2006 at a National Speakers Association conference in San Francisco.  I was immediately struck by her energy, positivity, and intellect.  Over the years, we have kept in touch and I have been inspired by her development and story.  I encourage you to visit her site and be inspired as well! 


Susan is one of several individuals I have had the pleasure to meet over the years who I surround myself with to inspire and encourage me on my own journey.  Some do this for me directly, others indirectly though their writings.  I find that when I need a boost during a down time, or to turbocharge me for something extraordinary, I can lean on these individuals’ energy and ideas to inspire me.  Who is on your inspiration team?