Tuesday April 24, 2018 #963

“The passion to change the world for the better is a more powerful force than the defense to keep it the same.”

~Simon Sinek


Sometimes we can get discouraged by how resistant our organizations and our communities are to change. People in general have a resistance to change, particularly when they feel threatened. We see this often in today’s fractured politics as mounting winds of social change threaten portions of the population who resist being changed and accepting change in others.
The very good news, in my view, is exemplified by today’s quote. The passion for change shown particularly by our youth, but increasingly by all generations, points to the positive evolution of our human condition to one in which all people are valued, education and opportunity are prioritized, and democracy strengthened by higher percentages of citizens voting.
This passion for positive change will overpower the normal human defense to hold onto past ideals. I am quite optimistic about our future and hope you share my optimism. The road of change is hard, but worth the effort!