Saturday February 14, 2009 A Valentines Day Message

“When we begin to love again, we look back on the times when we were certain we would never again love or be loved, and we smile.  How could we have been so blind?  Yet it’s the memory of those times that makes loving again so much more meaningful.  We have more to give than we ever had before.  We can receive more than we ever could before.
And now, so acutely aware of the risk we take in loving, our love becomes more precious a gift than the love we gave with reckless abandon…  The grief of losing haunts us sometimes, but we’ve been through the worst and survived.  It gives us new freedom.  We know that we may not be here tomorrow, so we’d better love for all we’re worth today.”

~From “Companion Through the Darkness” by Stephanie Ericsson (Harper Perennial 1993)

CE sent me this Valentine message today and I decided to share it with all of my JAMmers.  You may be in a situation so that this message speaks directly to you.  If so, look forward with great anticipation to that next great love.  Or, you may be like me and be in a relationship with the love of your life.  If so, celebrate today with gratitude.

Either way, like in all things action is our way forward.  Action to consistently improve and enhance our relationships – new or existing.  Love is a verb.  The feelings of love are the outcome of our intentional loving actions.

“We must understand that desire to love is not itself love. Love is an act of will – namely an intention and action.”  ~Scott Peck