Tuesday February 28, 2017 #866

“Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.” 

~Tom Peters


It is a common mistake of managers to think that if their team members follow their direction without question, they are providing great leadership. In fact, this is usually a sign of poor leadership.  The job of a great leader is to create more great leaders among their team.  This is sometimes referred to as “Small L leadership”.  These small L leaders speak up when direction is vague, incomplete, or dead wrong.  They offer ideas and solutions.  They don’t wait for direction; they act when they see a need, and help others on the team without being asked.  The titled, or “Big L Leader” creates this environment through clear direction, defined delegated authority, trust, course correction when necessary, and recognition and praise.  Want lots of Small L Leaders?  Provide the Big L leadership your team craves and deserves.