Thursday June 14, 2018 #976

Focus on money and we will make money. Focus on impact and we will make an impact.”

~Simon Sinek


Most of us work in the for-profit sector. Our internal and external stakeholders depend on us to contribute to the sustainable profitability of the organization. However, how we go about making profit is a choice. We can make money for money’s sake, or we can make money to make a positive impact.
Today, employees expect their organizations to be providing a positive impact on all stakeholders, as well as the communities and environment in which we operate. In your organization, is it clear what impact is made by the company’s success? If so, what can you do to increase that impact? If not, what can you do to help lead a discussion to define the purpose of your organization in a way that motivates high engagement and a drive for making a positive impact.
If you are the titled leader, make purpose and impact the foundation of your drive for sustainable profitability. I you are not the titled leader, you can still lead a push to talk up the impact your company is making, or lead the effort to define the impact. In either case, make a positive difference to make your workplace one that focuses on impact vs. just money.