Thursday May 12, 2016 #804

“Humans have two purposes. The first is to exist. The second is to deeply feel everything existence has to offer.”

 ~Nicholas Browne


You exist.  An amazing miracle and gift.  Don’t waste your existence by living a narrow life with few experiences, relationships, or adventures.  Take a moment today to reflect with gratitude on the many incredible things you’ve experienced thus far in your life.  And, reflect on any barriers you have placed on your ability to experience more.  Things like too much time with your face buried in your mobile device playing games, reading emails, posting on social media, indulging in entertaining but mindless or even negative writings or videos.  Open up all your senses and make room for art, music, adventures, outdoor activities, exercise, and, most of all, love and passion.  Devour every delicious part of this miraculous life!