Tuesday November 21, 2017 #923

“Dream like your life depends on it. In a sense, it does. One is not put on this earth to simply live a mediocre life, but should be able to experience their life to its fullest and everything that it has to offer. So dream. Dream big. And follow this up with meaningful action. Bring your life to the highest level that you are able to. After all, what is living if it’s not being lived to its fullest?” 

~Nicole Addison


If you are like most people, when you read a quote like this, you are reminded of all the really cool things you want to make time for but usually fail to make happen. This can be exciting adventures, higher education, going for a promotion, taking on a challenging assignment, etc.
But, let’s be realistic.  Most of our time is spent in rather mundane activities.  The point is not to be doing exceptional things constantly, but rather to ensure we make time for the exceptional as well as treating every moment, even the mundane moments, as opportunities to experience them exceptionally.
So yes, determine a cool thing you want to do or achieve and take action today to make it happen.  AND, while doing the mundane things that take up much of life, be open, aware, and grateful for the beauty around you, the wonderful people, your health, and the privilege to be alive and experiencing this life right now.  Dream big – and, it really is all exceptional.