Tuesday January 10, 2017 #857

“Control your inputs.  Not just what you eat and drink (though this will have a profound impact), control what you read, what you watch, what you listen to, what notifications you allow on your phone, where you spend your time, who you spend it with.  Guard your gates with care.”

~Nick  Crocker


Ok… So the New Year has started and you’ve probably unofficially, if not officially, set goals for yourself for improving aspects of your life.  These goals are probably around improving all or some of these:  your health, your relationships, your financial situation and/or career, and your sense of well-being.  And now the hard part begins:  starting, actually making progress, and keeping to your intended actions.  One thing I have found that has a profound impact on the success of achieving my goals is controlling what I allow in.  What I mean by this is well described by today’s quote.  It is important to control your inputs:  who you spend time with, what you read and watch on TV, the internet, movies, and your social media accounts.  If you don’t adjust your inputs from what you allowed in in 2016, don’t be surprised when you struggle to make the changes necessary to meet your goals for 2017.  Think about each of your goals and determine to only intentionally let into your consciousness those people, ideas, and experiences that support your goals.  It will be different for each of you so I can’t be completely prescriptive, but don’t just limit the “bad” stuff.  Also carefully add positive messages, people and experiences to replace the negatives or the things that lead to laziness and lack of action.  What should you stop?  What should you add?  Make a list and start today.