Tuesday May 8, 2018 #967

“The joy in learning is partly that it enables me to teach.”



Dare to be ContagiousTM has always been the foundation philosophy of JAM with Mike, based on my belief that knowledge and wisdom are wasted if they are not shared. Unfortunately, too many interpret the phrase “knowledge is power” as though knowledge is something to be hoarded. Rather, we gain the most influence and attain the greatest rewards when we share our wisdom and knowledge freely.
Your value is most keenly felt when you create opportunities for others to benefit from your experience and learning. Not by droning on about your opinions, but by looking for ways to help others, willingly providing advice when asked, asking if you can provide help or guidance, teaching someone a skill, and even by sharing your thoughts on social media
By daring to be contagious with your talents and wisdom, you will add value to those around you in way you may never truly understand. I guarantee that if you treat your accumulated wisdom as a gift to be shared, vs a treasure to be hoarded, you will be rewarded in both wealth and psychological health.
Dare to be ContagiousTM today!