Thursday July 13, 2017 #901

“In my own experience, both personally and professionally, I’ve learned that you don’t wait to confront reality. It doesn’t get easier. It doesn’t get better. And, in some cases, if you don’t get the relevant information from people and act quickly, you start losing options. You’re into damage control.”

~Stephen M. R. Covey

Businessman Gap Worry Fear Obstacle

You have at least one, and probably many, difficult things you need to deal with.  None of which will get any easier by waiting.  But, like most people, you do wait – doing just about anything else to avoid doing the difficult things you know you should be doing.
Why do we procrastinate?  Particularly as we get older and realize with our life experience that almost no difficult or scary person or challenge in our personal or professional lives is nearly as bad as we think it is going to be.  And yet, we continue to avoid doing the hard things.  It is a very human thing to do what is easy and/or pleasurable vs. what is hard and/or painful.
However, we are here to do great things and make a difference in the world.  Be the exception and act despite the presumed difficulty or pain.  We know things will be better only when we confront reality and face the challenges. If every day, we act on one challenging thing on our list, imagine how far we can go?  There will always be challenges, but by confronting this reality, we will dramatically reduce the existence of challenges and their impact on us and on what we care about.