Tuesday May 12, 2015 #724

“Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.”

~Benjamin Franklin


Too many live in dread of what could go wrong in their lives.  Those who tend to this way of thinking are not helped by the endless stream of negative news on the intranet, the TV, and even from family and friends.  Even generally positive people can be impacted by this barrage.  You do, however, have the power to ignore most of this and pay attention to positive individuals and stories.  That same intranet is also filled with countless sites devoted to positive stories and news.  You just have to go looking – they don’t get the attention of a public conditioned to look for and find negativity everywhere. Make the effort to surround yourself with positive people (they are all around you if you pay attention!) and make a personal commitment to turn off the negativity on popular media and seek instead the many sources of positive and inspiring people and news.  Focus on the positive and you will most likely find it.  Focus on the negative and you will likely find that as well.  It is truly your choice the vast majority of the time.