Tuesday May 29, 2018 #973

“If you don’t like the road you are walking, start paving another one.”

~Dolly Parton


We all go through times at work or in a relationship where we see things through a negative lens. At least internally, and unfortunately often externally, we complain about our circumstances. Many people get lost in their negativity and cannot change the lens through which they are viewing the situation. This leads to a downward spiral of negative emotions, thoughts, and actions which can alienate others and even cause psychological and physical pain.
It doesn’t need to be like that. Usually, if we can pause and reflect objectively, the reality is far less negative than it seems in the moment and we can take simple actions to either make a change in our own perception or behavior, or courageously confront the situation to resolve it. Finally, if the situation is objectively untenable, you need not remain on the current path. You can always choose to “start paving another one”.
Don’t ever get stuck in patterns of negativity and their consequences. Be the owner of your life and choose the paths upon which you will travel.