Thursday November 23, 2017 #924

“Interrupt anxiety with gratitude.”

~Danielle LaPorte


This simple message is quite powerful. When you find yourself in a challenging situation and your anxiety level is rising, it is amazingly effective to pause and reflect with gratitude on the opportunity you have at that moment to experience this opportunity to learn how to deal with such situations. Be grateful for all you have experienced and learned thus far which has prepared you with how to decide what course of action to try.  Be grateful for the ability to choose your attitude as well as the action to take. No matter whether you succeed, be grateful for the knowledge that you will get through this and be better for it.
With the strength this reflection provides, you will find yourself less anxious and able to move forward with more confidence, and the ability to bounce back quickly if you do not succeed, with the courage to try again.
And on this Thanksgiving Day, I reflect with gratitude on all this life has given me thus far, both challenging and easy, and what it will bring me in the future.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers and thank you for being on this journey with me.