Tuesday June 19, 2018 #977

“We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.”

~Bill Watterson


I am thrilled to present a guest JAM from new JAMmer ZC. Her observation is excellent and I hope you find the inspiration from her JAM to take some time today to reflect on your day, what you are grateful for, and pushing yourself intentionally to ‘be in the moment’ so as not to miss the many daily miracles around you.  Here is Z’s submission in its entirety:
 Here’s a contribution to the collective storytelling, truth nuggets, wisdom revealing circle of life of JAM with Mike. I love stories and I love the act of people sharing their wisdom with others, so we can grow together.
Often times, our goals and the next steps to reach them take over our daily lives to such extent that we forget to appreciate and truly live for today. In between the sprint towards the next agenda item and today’s both planned and unforeseen happenings, there is a gorgeous sunset, a child’s smile, a stranger’s kindness and our own courage to show up for our lives, right here, right now, never to be discounted.
For thousands of years, people across various backgrounds, ethnicity, age, and gender have been asking for the simplest of things. “Give us our daily bread” in the Lord’s Prayer caught my attention the other day. Why not ask for tomorrow’s big feast? Because all we really want is to enjoy today. And today can be simple and beautiful if only we paused for a moment to enjoy what is in front of us right now.
Honor yourself and those present in your day whether at work or at home by honoring today.
3 simple strategies to honor today:
 1)    Start your day with writing down three things you are grateful for and what would make today great (2 minutes)
 2)    End your day with writing down three amazing things that happened today and what could have gone better (2 minutes)
 3)    Throughout the day, as challenging situations arise ask yourself “Am I authentically me in this moment”? (10 seconds)
 Many thanks,
Thank you Z, for this inspiring JAM!
I’m spending some time today to follow the 3 strategies above. How about you?