Tuesday March 26, 2013 #509


“Don’t fake it till you make it. Fake it till you become it.”


~Amy Cuddy


The message here is about how to behave, what attitude to animate, and what beliefs to internalize while on your journey to becoming the person you desire to be.  This is much deeper than “positive thinking” or affirmations.  The beginning is a firm vision of the desired outcome and confidently moving forward.  Even if not fully confident, you can begin taking actions and behaving as if you are confident.  The actions will build habits, which over time builds confidence.


As you near your destination, however, it won’t be enough to simply “make it”, to achieve the goal.  If you have internalized the image of what it means to be that person, as you reach your goal you will truly become it and be able to sustain this new you while envisioning the next level of becoming.