Tuesday July 10, 2018 #983

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.” 

~Pablo Picasso

This dramatic quote underscores the strategic importance of building our ability to avoid procrastinating on taking action on our critical few goals. Effectiveness begins with have clarity on our most important personal and professional goals, as well as the urgent tasks which may or may not have anything to do with our critical few.
Not everything on our to-do list needs to be accomplished today. However, the actions we plan to take to move forward on those goals which hold the most meaning for us must be prioritized. We can’t allow other people’s priorities or daily distractions to get in the way of what is most important.
Your task is to first clearly define your critical few goals. Second, to write down your daily task list, prioritizing those tied to your high level goals. Third, to attack the priorities first, while of course managing the required urgent tasks of the day as well as making time for family and colleagues.
Yes, it is a lot to manage. But when we are clear on what is most important, and we start our day focused on these actions, it is amazing how we are able to find the time to deal with urgencies and people, while still making progress on what is most important.