Thursday September 22, 2016 #831

“Fortune does favor the bold and you’ll never know what you’re capable of if you don’t try.” 

~Sheryl Sandberg


Fear is normal.  Hesitancy in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity is commonplace.  However, “normal” and “commonplace” keep you stuck in an ordinary and unsatisfying life.  I am not calling for reckless action without thought or preparation.  What I am calling for is bold action from a place of clarity.  Reasonable risk-taking that forces you out of your comfort zone, still fearful, but taking advantage of your skills and knowledge. This takes courage but will likely reward you with realization that you can make a difference, you can overcome obstacles, and you can achieve what others see as impossible.  You may fail. In fact, you often will.  But the victories you will achieve, and the knowledge you will gain from your failures, will more than make up for any temporary setbacks.  Be intelligently bold.  Fortune favors the bold.