Tuesday July 30, 2013 #545

“Keep your fears to yourself, but share your inspirations with others.”

~Robert Louis Stevenson


It is our human nature that compels us to confirm our perceptions by seeking like-minded people and we do this through sharing.  Unfortunately, most of what we share tends to be negative and based on fear.  Most commonly this shows up as gossip which we all know intuitively is damaging and yet we often indulge and participate.

Today is a new day.  Still feed your need for confirming perceptions, but start from a base of a commitment to share only positive and inspiring thoughts and perceptions.  “Gossip” by sharing a story of inspiration or courage that you read or heard, or sharing a little known positive fact or attribute of a co-worker or friend.  Your example will not only make you feel better, it will cause others to think about such things themselves.

Be a carrier of positivity.  Dare to be Contagious!TM