Thursday September 5, 2013 #556

 Once you’ve taken the time to figure out what your mission is and where you want to get to, the next step is to identify the people who can help you get there.”

 ~Keith Ferrazzi

Business Partners Helping Each Other

 Many people do a good job of determining what is important to them and crafting strong goals.  The fact most forget or neglect, however, is that almost no one achieves on their own.  It is only with and through others that great things are achieved.  If you are serious about goal achievement, don’t stop at working at your goal alone.  Think deeply on people you know or need to know who could be instrumental in helping you achieve your goal and begin to engage them.  Be direct.  Tell them what you are trying to do and why you would appreciate their help.  It could be time, it could be advice, or it could be resources.  Always reciprocate and ask what you can do to help them with their goals, even if you are their subordinate.  It is amazing what can be achieved when we help each other!

 Today’s quote shared by David K Aaker, U.S. national public speaker on customer service, leadership and business ethics.