Thursday July 17, 2008 #53

 “The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers.  But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.”

 ~Sarah Ban Breathnach

My good friend and self-described “possibilities chick” Kim Marcille shares this gem from Mike Dooley’s terrific “Notes from the Universe”:

“Think not of how, whether in terms of logistics, people, or inspiration, but of the end results you dream of. The end, in thought, combined with action, in its general direction, will always create the necessary circumstances, serendipities, epiphanies, ideas, and discoveries necessary to bring about the desired manifestation. The hard part is done for you. Your part is the easy part: Think and let go. Knock on every door and turn over every stone. Do not insist upon the path, but upon the overall change you wish to experience, and never take no for an answer.” ~Mike Dooley

Whether you believe in that idea completely or not, I consider it undeniable that focus on a desired outcome plus sustained action results in a goal attainment the vast majority of the time.  The key is the commitment to stick with your goal long enough to allow the principal to work.

If you’d like more ideas and/or help in this area, I strongly recommend you check out Kim’s website where you’ll be introduced to her consultancy “Possibilities Amplified”, which focuses on facilitating executives’ and companies’ goal achievement. 

As Kim says, “Life is short.  Amp it up!”

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Kim Marcille
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