Thursday February 6, 2014 #600


If you would find happiness and joy, lose your life in some noble cause. A worthy purpose must be at the center of every worthy life.


~Jack H. Goaslind, Jr.



As human beings, we all want to feel that what we are working towards and fighting for is something of meaning. Our hard work, and even achievement, rings hollow when unaccompanied by a meaningful purpose or cause.  If you find yourself lacking enthusiasm for your work, or see this in your people, try to redefine your work as being in the service of a real and meaningful purpose.  If you can’t, you may need to consider a change.  If you can authentically attach a purpose to your work, you will find joy and even happiness in the work to achieve it.


This is JAM #600 – I keep going after 6 years due to my purpose:  Helping people find theirs.  Thank you for always inspiring me to continue my quest to help individuals, teams and organizations bring their best to what they do every day.