Tuesday June 24, 2008 #47

 “All great work is preparing yourself for the accident to happen.”

 ~Sidney Lumet

Frequent contributor LG provides this great quote:

My father told me this one (and I’m sure he got it from someone else):

“We’re all focused on the pitch coming from straight-ahead on the mound, but sometimes the best opportunity comes out of left field.  The difference between successful people and everyone else is the ability to see the left-field opportunity and have the ability to swing at it when it comes.  Often these are the best home-run opportunities.”

LG, this is a great message for our readers.  As a group I think we are all seeking how to do more with less time and resources and every day seems to bring new challenges we may or may not have been ready for.  How can we be ready for these new challenges more often?  The solution lies in gaining just a bit more control over your day. 

This can be accomplished in many ways but today I want to focus you on creating a “break”.  This break need last no longer than 10-15 minutes but its power can be awesome.  During this break, close your eyes and think about the projects you are working on.  Think about your co-workers, your boss, and your team.  Think of the “surprise” challenges that have come your way in the last few weeks.  How could you have been more prepared when they arrived?  Imagine handling these problems with ease, or at least with a calm response.  Imagine yourself handling the next surprise challenge with that same ease and calm.  With confidence, invite the next challenge to come your way! 

Open your eyes.  Face the day, a little bit more in control.  And that’s the trick, isn’t it?  A little better every day.  Once in awhile an obvious victory occurs, but success truly is measured in the small steps forward we make every day.  It’s a good day!