Thursday January 12, 2017 #858

“I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so bad…”

~Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins)


I hope you used my last JAM to remove some negative inputs into your life and added positive replacements.  If you haven’t, I invite you to stop, re-read Tuesday’s JAM, and make these powerful changes to help you achieve your goals for 2017.
If you have done it – great!  You’ve made a significant positive step to a better you.  However, watch out.  There will always be challenges to your intentions.  Those negative inputs you intend to stop are likely part of some fairly hard-wired habits that will tug at you to return to your pre-changed comfortable “normal” way of life.  It may sound corny, but today’s quote, lyrics from a favorite childhood movie memory for me (and probably you), is something that plays in my head when I need a reminder to focus on my positive inputs – or what I call “my favorite (positive) things”.  For me, these include more time with my wife and my family.  It also includes reading inspiring books (usually on Kindle), having intellectual discussions/debates on a wide variety of subjects with colleagues and friends, and helping colleagues solve challenges and achieve positive results.  What are your favorite (positive) things?